No Charges Against Driver Who Hit 7 Pedestrians

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A crash that sent five children and two adults to the hospital ends with no charges.

That family was taking a walk near their home last August in Rice Township when a car came swerving into them.

The Luzerne County district attorney's office now says the crash was completely accidental.

Nina and Bryan Herbst along with their four children -- including a 10 month old -- and their niece were sent to the hospital after Jigna Kyada came swerving into them on Aleksander Boulevard.

Months after the crash, the district attorney's office says it was all a terrible accident and no charges will be filed.

Police looked at whether drugs, alcohol, speed, or cell phone use distracted Kyada but all of those things were ruled out. The D.A.'s office says the evidence made it clear that this was not intentional.

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said:

"At all times, the driver of the vehicle was fully cooperative in the investigation. Although immensely tragic, the incident was accidental and as a result, no criminal charges will be filed."

Although no criminal charges will come from this, the family filed a civil lawsuit in November against the driver seeking $50,000 in damages.