‘My heart was pounding’ -Reaction to North and South Korea Meeting

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- "I watched the whole thing from the beginning until they went into the peace house. My heart was pounding," said Dr. Yoon-Taek Chun, East Stroudsburg.

Dr. Chun was one of millions of others who watched history unfold on his television as the leader of North Korea crossed the border into South Korea for the first time in more than 60 years.

The doctor from South Korea, whose parents escaped North Korea before he was born, says talking is the first step.

"Dialog is always a good thing to do. Dialog has to be followed by action. This time, it's been 11 years since we had the last dialog. I hope something good comes out of here," said Dr. Chun.

Dr. Chun believes North Korea's decision to participate in the Olympic in South Korea was the catalyst to this meeting.

He saw firsthand how both countries came together while he was volunteering as an interpreter at the games in South Korea back in February.

"I was at the skating area and the North Korean cheerleaders were there and when I watched them cheering I was partially sad. Why didn't we have these things in the past? But it is better than never," said Dr. Chun.

Dr. Chun believes that this meeting is an important step to take before President Trump meets with the North Korean leader in the coming months.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    We’ll see. It just may be that the starving, sickly, and desperate N. Korea is finally realizing that their nation is on the skids.

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