16 To The Rescue: Mocha

HOP BOTTOM, Pa. -- Mocha is a 4-year-old terrier mix at Laura's Hope Rescue near Hop Bottom.

This beauty enjoys belly rubs and relaxing on the couch but gets a bit zippy when she meets new people.

"She doesn't really introduce herself in a calm manner. It's full force, right in your face," said volunteer Brooklyn Brulla.

And then after that, she'll calm down a little bit. Mocha has been here since November of 2017.

She's a bit of a barker but the rescue has been working with a dog trainer to change that.

"We've been working with Leroy and Company out of Scranton and she's improved quite a bit."

And this pooch is very treat-motivated.

"Children over the age of 12 (are OK), younger seems to feed into her anxiety a little bit and one with no cats or other dogs, she's a queen bee and she deserves to be treated like one," Brulla said.

And she'll need someone with a desire for the outdoors.

"Mocha likes to go hiking. If you ran she would probably enjoy running, she'll go for walks."

Mocha has good recall off the leash, but will need a fence at her future home.

"Definitely a fenced-in yard. She is trained on the electric fence here. She does very well with that."

Volunteers hope that her forever home is out there watching this.

"Mocha is definitely a great dog, a great companion, you just kind of have to ignore the flaws and work with them because overall, underneath it, she's an amazing dog and definitely deserves to have a home," Brulla added.

If you plan to adopt Mocha, she comes with a training follow-up with Leroy and Company.

If you are interested in adopting Mocha, contact Laura's Hope Rescue.

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