Students Clean Up Schuylkill Haven

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. -- Driving through Schuylkill Haven, you may have seen this group of fourth graders clearing the sidewalks of litter.

"We are picking up trash to help our community more in Schuylkill Haven and around this area and I think it's going to help the environment more," says fourth grader Lyle Pauly.

Because we're helping the environment grow and not destroying it by throwing the garbage into the grass," adds classmate Noah Hail.

The students and their teachers took to the streets of Schuylkill Haven as part of the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania - a statewide initiative to clean up litter and trash.

"Today means a lot to everyone in fourth grade because we are helping our community pick up trash and a lot of people litter and it's not very good for our town," explains fourth grader Payton Miller.

The children walked a total of five miles cleaning up sidewalks and parks in their neighborhood and tell us they are surprised by the amount of trash they're finding.

"I realized today that there was more than I would expect there to be because there's just so much everywhere like there's cigarettes, cups, socks and stuff," adds Miller.

The Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania began on March 1 and will end on May 31. Registered events are sponsored by the Department of Environmental Protection, PennDOT, and Keep America Beautiful.

"They provide us with orange vests and gloves for every student and garbage bags," says fourth grade teacher Rhonda Johnson.

If you would like to register an event for the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania, you can learn more here.

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