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Power To Save: E-Cycling

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Warmer temperatures mean it's time for spring cleaning, but spring cleaning is more than just raking leaves and picking up branches.

Getting rid of old or unused electronics can be a little tricky but Best Buy is making things easier for you.

"Dumping is causing a lot of issues within the state and also the country. So that is why Best Buy started their recycling program," manager Maura Azzarelli.

For smaller items like power cords, the process is really easy.

"We have recycling bins in the front vestibule for your easy stuff like plastic bags, rechargeable batteries, things that are easy to just throw in there," Azzarelli said.

Recycling your old cellphone is simple as well, but you should take one easy step before you hand it over.

"We would recommend that, first and foremost, that you wipe it clean so that none of your personal data is on there," Azzarelli advised.

To reset your cellphone, click on your settings menu.

"You would click on 'general' and then, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, there's your reset option."

While some of the smaller electronic items you can actually bring to a Best Buy customer service location, you can't do that with bigger-ticket items, things like televisions, but there are still some other options for you.

"If you purchase a TV with us, you do have the option to pay for a haul-away charge. Even if you don't purchase a TV with us, you can pay for a Geek Squad agent to come to your house to recycle it safely," said Azzarelli.

The cost to haul away old products to be recycled ranges from $15 to $100 based on the size of the product and whether or not you are buying a new one.

"If we're going to be in your house delivering new products, we want to make sure we offer you a safe way to recycle your old ones."

In the last year alone, Best Buy locations across the country have been able to recycle more than 1.7 million pounds of old electronics.