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‘She was my best friend’ – Neighbors Remember Homicide Victim

SCRANTON --  Nina Gatto was quiet and mostly kept to herself. But, she looked after her next-door neighbor Angelina Lasky, who is disabled.

"She was my best friend, my next door neighbor," Lasky said.

Lasky shared her shock that Gatto's suspicious death last week has been ruled a homicide.

Lasky told Newswatch 16 last Thursday night she heard a loud noise coming from Gatto's apartment. It sounded like something fell.

"I wish I would have went next door but I`m not balanced to go out on my own. So, I couldn`t make it there," she said.

Lasky said Gatto's mother found her body the next morning. And since then, a steady stream of investigators have visited the Bangor Heights development.

Sam Merritt told Newswatch 16 police stopped by Gatto's apartment hours before her death, her security alarm had gone off.

"Just like an alarm thing, that was all I heard, and then they left, everything was OK," he said.

But, the next day the situation seemed much more serious.

"Then the next morning, all of a sudden I come out and I find all the cops and ambulance here, and then later on that day, I found out that she passed away," Merritt said.

Scranton Police nor the Lackawanna County Coroner will comment on how Nina Gatto died.

The police chief told Newswatch 16 Gatto faced drug charges in the past, but that drugs did not play a role in her death.

"I don`t understand it, and whoever the person is, I think you should turn yourself in. Because this is not going away...bring some closure to the family and to Nina`s soul," Lasky added.

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