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Artistic Way to Celebrate Earth Week

SELINSGROVE, Pa. -- Students at a university in Snyder County celebrated Earth Week with expressive forms of art.

Susquehanna University's Johnson Center for Civic Engagement came up with the idea to spread awareness and positivity about Planet Earth.

Mickey Mouse baby wipes and markers may be an interesting combination on a college campus, but they were put to good use at Susquehanna University. To celebrate Earth Week, students expressed themselves by writing messages on their bodies to spread awareness about Planet Earth.

"We only have one earth. Protect her. I love the environment and I personally get really sad and depressed when I learn about the damages we've done to our earth," said senior Katherine Cardenas.

"No matter what your skin color is, your sexuality, your gender identity, where you come from, we all live here together. It's important that we protect what's ours and make sure we're taking care of the place that we live," sophomore Brianna Avey said.

"It's really important to focus on the environment because, without good environmental policy, everything else falls away. Nothing else matters if you don't have a planet to live on," senior Christina Martin said.

"This is important because I think climate change that we as a society are facing at this time spreading awareness and positivity about it just very important to me," said senior Em Osback.

Earth Week at Susquehanna University wraps up Friday.