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Talkback 16: Pit Bull Shot

The shooting and killing of a pit bull as it attacked another dog in Wilkes-Barre has really sparked strong reactions from Talkback callers.


  • Peggy Severson

    Thank goodness the person had a gun. Pit Bulls should be muzzled at all times in public and on a leash. They are like a gun with a mind of it’s own. Everyone should carry a gun when walking their dogs, because Pit Bulls are always on the prowl and get loose very often.

  • Diana Kassir

    As a Pit bull victim, I only WISH I’d had a gun. The hell that Pit put my life through has never ended. I pray for the day that Pit bull types are highly controlled (and then later, banned) everywhere. Sooo many people & pets sufferin and dying from Pit bull types attacking.

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