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Police Investigating Possible Child Luring Incident in the Poconos

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa.  -- "It could have gone bad so many different ways. She has a good level head on her shoulders so she knew, keep walking, call," said a mother of a teenage girl.

It's every parent's nightmare, a call from their child saying they might be in danger.

It's a call the parents of a 13-year-old girl from Pocono Township received Monday night when she was getting off her school bus on the corner of Cherry Lane and Bull Pine Road.

The family wants to keep their names and faces private but spoke to Newswatch 16 about the incident.

"After the bus pulled away, there was a white car behind the bus and there were three guys inside the car. They were yelling profanities at her. They told her they had candy for her. They told her to get into the car. She kept walking," said her mother.

Pocono Township police are investigating the incident.

The teen's father says while his daughter was walking, one of the men got out of the car, but the girl was already on her cellphone calling for help.

The father says another of the men then yelled, "Don't do it."

"When the guy in the car said, 'Don't do it.' It is a huge word. It is a huge word. It could be anywhere from don't steal her phone. Don't smack her. Don't kidnap. Don't kill her. Don't rape her. Don't do it. I mean, the things that go through your head," said the girl's father.

Both the girl's mother and father say this should be a lesson for all parents to educate your children to be aware of their surroundings.

"Look around when you get off the bus. If you don't feel safe getting off the bus, stay on the bus. The bus will take you back to the school or wherever your parents can come and get you," said the mother.

Anyone with information on this attempted child luring situation is asked to contact Pocono Township police.