‘People like her are one in a million’ – Nurse Gives Gift of Life

HONESDALE, Pa. -- It's a nurse's job to help folks with health problems, and one nurse in Wayne County went beyond the call to donate the gift of life.

Barb Gregory has been a nurse at Wayne Memorial Hospital for 30 years taking care of others and helping to save lives. She wears a green bracelet and a pin now after learning firsthand what it's like to be on the receiving end of that help.

When we met Barb, her friend and fellow nurse Kristy Tirney was to her right. Barb's husband Troy was on her left. Troy's kidneys were failing and he faced dialysis, if not much worse.

He needed a kidney and underwent a transplant in October. The kidney is Kristy's.

"Me and Barb don't like asking people for much. Kristy out of the blue said, 'I'd do it,'" Troy said.

"Kristy said, 'Give me the paperwork. I can't imagine a world that your husband is not in. Let me give it a shot,'" Barb recalled.

"It's pretty easy. It's math. You have two kidneys. I don't need both of them. Troy just needed one," Kristy said.

Barb and Kristy have been working together for about two decades at Wayne Memorial Hospital, and now that Kristy's given Barb's husband the gift of life, they're bonded by so much more.

"How do you thank somebody for that? You can't thank somebody for that," Barb said.

"People like me are a dime a dozen. People like her are one in a million," Troy added.

Two nurses and a husband, and lifelong friends made healthier by a single, selfless act.

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