Mother Charged with Child Endangerment

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PITTSTON, Pa. -- Pittston police say four young boys were left alone last week in Pittston’s Riverview Manor, in filthy conditions, without food.

Their mother, Alissa Searles, is charged with endangering them.

"I've known them since they were born, all the kids since they were born, and they good kids, very good kids,” said one man who did not want to be identified. He says the children’s parents have had a tumultuous relationship.

According to court papers, cops were called to the apartment in Riverview Manor in Pittston last Friday.

The children's father told them Alissa Searles often leaves the young boys alone while she smokes meth.

Officers say they found no sign she was on drugs.

The kids are ages 5, nearly 3, and one-and-a-half-year-old twins.

Police say the home was "destroyed with no furniture in the living room and the kitchen a total mess" with "no food in the refrigerator" and "old food and dirty clothes all over the floor."

The children were put into the custody of grandparents.

"That's the best move for now so he can get himself together, you know, find stable employment, stable place to live and yeah, he'll be alright after that with his kids," said the man.

Alissa Searles recently posted several things on Facebook including a message which says she misses her babies. There was another message aimed at the children's father accusing him of making up lies about her and being the reason the children were taken away.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, she claims her children's father was abusive and says she lied repeatedly to protect him.

She claims he trashed the house, and she was in the process of packing up to leave with the children.

"The only crime I truly committed was protecting someone who abused me. I love my kids and they belong with me," she said.

Searles is free on bail until her next court appearance.


    • Rusty Knyffe

      The Family Court and Child Protective Services systems are broken beyond repair. Family Courts maintain the absurd stance that children belong with their bio parent(s) and judges become so jaded with everything that they see and hear that they simply get to a point where they don’t care. Their dockets are full of cases to be heard that are both gut-wrenching and bogus, and they simply lose sight of what their positions truly require of them.

      A child can be taken away from someone who is found to be unfit, but that will not prevent the unfit parent from reproducing, again. A prime example was a woman in NJ who had one baby after another, and was found to be “unfit” in each circumstance. To date, she has produce 6 children that were all removed from her custody, permanently, and she is still able to reproduce.

      Child Protective agents are buried under outrageous case loads. Many of these investigations are initiated by people who have a personal agenda: an angry neighbor, a divorce situation, etc. The turnover rate for CPS workers is at about 47%, annually. It is very, very rare for one worker to remain within the agency to their retirement date.

      The Police have very, very limited authority and must defer to a case worker’s recommendations.

      The whole shebang is broken and I cannot imagine how it can be fixed.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Once again, I have to ponder why someone would down-vote comments that are painfully factual without presenting their opposing view. What is acceptable and appropriate about the behaviors of the “parents” of these poor kids? Children do not have a choice as to when they will enter into this world, and to whom. They are 100% innocent and deserving of love, care, and nurturing – they deserved to be raised up by people who give a steaming shit.

    Today, people spawn as a means to an end. Teenage girls are encouraged to reproduce as a means of career choices through the welfare system. Here are the numbers:
    * per mother and child in PA $200 cash per month
    * per mother and child in PA no-copay medical, dental, vision, prescription – total value approx. $450 per month + prescribed medications
    * per mother and child in PA for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) $300 per month
    * per child under age 4 in PA WIC (Women, Infant, Children) up to $150 per month
    * per mother and child housing $12 per month includes heating, cooling, water/sewerage, hot water, electricity – total value for housing varies from $650 – $950 per month
    The total ***value*** for welfare-as-a-career, not including special programs, government grants, educational grants, and technical training values is a whopping $1750 in services and benefits, per month. This is the low-ball cash value for teenage mothers that make the poor decision to reproduce without any education, training, or skills other than how to post their selfies on social media and use that platform to live out their lives. Add in the training, grants, programs, and other services, and these figures can run well above $5000 per month in tuition and fees. For each of these women, a minimum of 3 people earning $35K or higher is involved in their cases. Welfare is an industry and teenage mothers are not something to celebrate.

    Now, would the person/people who down-vote comments on this subject be so kind as to present their arguments as to why it is appropriate and encouraged that teenage kids should have children when they are absolutely unprepared to raise a healthy child on any level? I would be very interested to read the pro-spawn arguments to support this outrageous epidemic.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      ………..and, let’s not forget the foster parent costs. Even immediate family members who take custody of abused and neglected children receive all manners of cash, nutritional, medical, and housing benefits. Label any one of these children “special needs,” and the benefits double in value and scope.

    • jsrant

      So we’ll put thanks for the numbers. Don’t forget these teens MUST have the iPhone X not just any flip phone. Most likely the people who thumbs down are ones who participate in the system.
      What really pisses me off is when someone who really needs assistance is denied, must refile or fight it with a lawyer, which they can’t afford just to make ends meet. We need to drain the swamp of these welfare rats. Any thumb downs about that?

      • Rusty Knyffe

        JSRANT, if only there could be a way to curtail this epidemic. Single parents do not make “good” parents, and I don’t care who shrieks against that fact. There is limited stability and nurturing going on in a single-parent home because there isn’t enough energy from one person to adequately tend to the needs of a child.

        Like I typed about the foster parenting, this is an industry, not a solution. And, the industry is corrupt and hopelessly broken. More’s the pity.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      Whoever it is that has such a hate-boner, try to do this: imagine that the numbers and facts were presented by another poster. If you still are compelled to down-vote the facts, then have the courage to present your argument as to why you disagree with the data. Just pretend it isn’t ‘ole Russ making the post, how about it?

      • jimbrony

        Typical narcissistic egomaniacal sociopath. Pre-tenses anyone that disagrees with them with a derogatory name, and then launches into a manifesto that would put a squirrel on crack into a coma.

  • jsrant

    Maybe our welfare system needs to STOP after one. If you can’t support or even manage one child then you definitely don’t need more. You system grabbing rats are like ferral cats. We the hard working citizens are paying for your screwups. It needs to STOP.
    If you need Facebook to trash someone for your screwups then you are just a big looser. Keep on smoking do us all a favor waste away.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Wonderful. Raising public opinion via FB postings. Just wonderful.

    There are ways and means to find safety from abusive individuals and it takes more than posting inflammatory remarks on a social media page. It takes dedication and courage to break that cycle. Leaving four kids alone in a filthy environment without food isn’t “packing” to leave. Both of these parents are culpable and they both learned their behaviors from observing their own respective families.

    Nothing is going to end the abuse of children. DYFS and CPS do not have the manpower or resources to see that children are safe and secure. The Family Courts are choked with cases that involve neglect, abuse, and torture with a good number being bogus to just cause one party the inconvenience of court appearances. The whole system is broken and there is no way to fix it.

    Managing this kind of behavior begins at home. Teaching values, morals, ethics, and expectations is where it all begins. If you don’t want your children taken away, don’t reproduce with someone who isn’t a legal partner, don’t reproduce when you’re not prepared (emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically) to raise a healthy and well-adjusted child, and don’t reproduce as a means of a welfare-as-a-career-choice.

    • jsrant

      Maybe these breeders need to be fixed after one in order to be able to receive assistance. Allow a time limit until checks stop. Make them show they are looking and maintaining a job so they can be weaned off the system. It is done with unemployment benefits, it an be done with welfare. We the working class should be able to control welfare not the politicians.

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