ESU Launches Bloomberg Finance Lab

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EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- A classroom inside Gessner Hall on the campus of East Stroudsburg University looks a little like what you might see in a stock trading office.

"It looks pretty cool. It's my first time in the lab, but it looks really nice. It gives you a nice feel. It might not be Wall Street, but it's a semi version of it," said Vickson Krah, ESU senior.

The Bloomberg Finance Lab is now open for students and staff. The high-tech lab allows students to research corporations and information in real time on different companies' stocks and bonds.

"They can look up financial statements, history of dividends, how much debt they have, what kind of decisions have they made with respect to mergers and acquisitions," said Sheila Handy, Dept. of Business Management Chair.

East Stroudsburg University is one of only a few colleges to have this lab. For students who are interested in Wall Street, this is very exciting.

The lab is open to all students.

For business majors likeĀ Vickson Krah, the hands-on learning into his field of study is something he can't wait to use.

"If you're in any major or business as well, why not check it out? It's just something else to put on your resume," said Krah.

Students can also take an eight-hour course to become certified through Bloomberg Market Concepts.

"It's giving our students the skill that other students in other schools might not have. It shows they have taken time to get the certification and they have additional knowledge," said Handy.

The lab was made possible through a $60,000 grant and money from the University Office of Research and Economic Development.

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