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Talkback 16: Dog Shot, Gold Nice Bell

Topics in this Talkback 16 include the dog that was shot and killed in Wilkes-Barre and more calls about the gold nice bell.

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  • Pamela Flowers-Dunbar

    This is about the pit bull that was shot because it supposedly attacked someone while they were walking their dog. First I understand that the pit bull was not vicious, second I think people are too eager to pull out their guns and shoot before finding out the real story or what is really going on. I have nothing against guns or gun owners but I feel that people need to stop and think before they pull the trigger. When they are given a license to carry a gun they think they are given the license to just shoot anyone and anything. Some of these gun owners need to get some common sense. Do what I tell my grandkids to “ENGAGE YOUR BRAIN BEFORE YOU” pull that trigger.

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