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Pet Owners React to Pit Bull Getting Shot

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Owners of the pit bull that was shot and killed after attacking another dog in Wilkes-Barre are grieving the loss of their pet.

The pit bull's owner says he tried to stop the attack and feels lucky that he wasn't shot.

"I had to bury him myself. I couldn't stop crying. I teared up."

Alejandro Loria still can't believe that he had to bury his pit bull named Batman in his backyard.

Sunday morning, Loria was taking Batman for a morning walk around his neighborhood in south Wilkes-Barre. Batman broke away from his leash and started attacking a couple's dog.

"I'm trying to pull my dog away from their dog and I hear the woman saying 'Shoot the dog!' I'm screaming 'No! No!' My girlfriend comes out the house because she hears me screaming. The guy shoots the gun. I'm maybe three feet away. I can't even hear what happens afterwards," Loria recalled.

Wilkes-Barre police report that a woman fired two shots, but Loria says it was her boyfriend who had the gun and shot Batman. Loria's girlfriend initially thought he got hit.

"I heard my boyfriend screaming, 'No, don't shoot, don't shoot!' and I heard a gunshot and I went outside. I thought they shot my boyfriend and I saw my dog and my dog was bleeding pretty bad," said Courtney Rivera.

"They acted too quick. Right there, what I did as soon as I saw my dog's leash and collar broke, I ran after him and I got on top of him. I attacked my dog just so he could stop attacking their dog. He was just standing there in shock. He should've jumped on his dog as well," Loria added.

Batman was taken to a veterinarian but did not survive.

Loria says he will also have to pay a fine for letting Batman get loose.


  • Joseph Streczala

    I love it when a story has a happy ending. I have to carry a knife for this exact reason since I cant get a carry permit for a firearm in our LIBERAL mecca state but the knife will do the trick in a jiffy. I have learned from our past three pibble attacks that you dont want to be caught bare handed.

  • Lauralie89

    They set up a GoFundMe? Seriously? For what? You people couldn’t control your dog and it could have potentially mauled another family pet and possibly the owners of the other dog and you want sympathy and a handout? Pathetic.

  • jsrant

    Anything for free money, right Chico. Since you can’t control it then you deserve what happened. You city trash love your pit bulls.

  • Diana Kassir (@KassirPhoto)

    Notice how little the Pit owner cares for the experience of the victim-dog’s well being or owner. My sweet, shy, 12-yr-old leashed Afghan Hound was mauled by a nurse’s (usually) nice Pit-type. My girl suffered unspeakably and later died. The Pit owner didn’t care. I had to sue to get back my $6,000.00 in vet bills. Stop all the suffering caused by Pit-types. MUZZLE/SPAY/NEUTER ALL PIT_TYPES.

    • gutterratt

      Oh that’s so freaking sad. And I always question pit owners in my mind..never go to their houses either. Ever. Once walking my leashed akita, there was a guy, by a playground mind you, with an unleashed pit waving at me to go the other way. smh. What an idiot. In our neighborhood now, my husband was walking our sheltie, on a leash, and this random chow-chow who ALWAYS gets out went after our dog! Thank God my husband had quick reflexes enough to scoop briscoe up in time..smh, and my husband has MS mind you. To have to deal with such idiot pet owners is enough anymore! Another reason I steer clear of dog runs, and almost any parks because it’s always the dum-mass large dog owners that have them off the leash.

  • Dawn Dalyce

    No sympathy….if you must have a mauler / killer breed, muzzle it in public, make sure it’s contained and controlled at all times, and insure it highly !!! Pit bulls attack without barking or growling, if your pit bull is not under control and takes a step toward me or’s DEAD !!!! Otherwise it can get the upper hand and maim or kill in seconds. Buy guns, take lessons, get a concealed carry permit. Always be ready to stop an attack at the speed of a bullet !

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