People Make the Most of Monday’s Warmer Weather in Monroe County

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EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- You’re not alone if you thought we were circling around waiting for Mother Nature to get to spring.

However, on Monday it felt like she finally caught up with us.

“Oh, my gosh, I never thought it was coming because I know last year we were in shorts and t-shirts by now,” Sarah Dunnigan said.

She was soaking up the sun for the first time with her 6-month-old son Issac at Dansbury Park in East Stroudsburg.

“He loved it! It's a little hard on his eyes but besides that, he loves to be outside and watch everyone else play,” Dunnigan said.

Other people, like Beverly Lamberson, played with their grandchildren in the 60-degree weather. She couldn’t get her mind off of the weather.

“It's beautiful out. I'm on my lunch break. I had to take advantage of the weather,” Lamberson said.

Paula Detrick and her friend Shelia Koehler had the same idea. Lunch break in the park!

“It just feels good to have the sun hit my face and my hands. It just feels wonderful,” Detrick said.

They were worried they’d be robbed of a spring this year because this year’s cold weather just went on for too long.

“I was ready for it to be over when the first snow was! I hate the snow,” Detrick said.

People said you better enjoy the warmer weather while you can because cooler temperatures are on their way this week.

“It's going to be colder tomorrow! But anything is better than what we've had. [I've] been waiting too long for this nice weather,” Sheila Koehler said.

Temperatures dip down to the high 50s later this week.

At least this is spring and warmer temperatures should be here to stay soon.

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