High School Athletes Hope Spring Weather Is Here to Stay

LEHIGHTON, Pa. -- Last week, Lehighton Area’s baseball, softball, and track teams were forced to practice indoors because of freezing temperatures and sleet, but one week later, athletes were outside under warm, sunny skies.

What has started as a seriously delayed spring season for athletes seems to be turning around.

"I'm so happy for it because the last couple meets I've come here, it's been so windy, and it's hard for them to do their best. And now, it's such a beautiful day. I hope it keeps up for the rest of the season for them!" said Cliff Snowberger of Lehighton.

Dorothy Hartney was at the Lehighton track to watch her daughter compete. She is also a physical education teacher at Lehighton Area and welcomes this kind of weather with open arms.

"We had a lot of kids who had cabin fever for a really long time, so it was nice to just get out and run. We played some soccer on the turf. It was beautiful. It seems like all the kids' spirits are better when the weather is nicer, so they're just excited to get out!" she said.

The district’s athletic director says there have been many postponed and canceled games and meets because of Mother Nature's wet and wintry blasts this spring.

"Kudos to the coaches and kids. They've been adjusting schedules and a couple hours before practice a snow squall will come through. We're scrambling to get practices inside, so kudos to them adjusting,” said Kyle Spotts, Lehighton Area’s athletic director.

Finally though, it feels like late April, and meets, like Lehighton Area versus Tamaqua Area, were outside under a sunny, blue sky.

"It's awesome and this is what the track weather typically is, so I think everybody is excited, both teams!" said Chrissy Mayernik of Lehighton. "I hope that's the end of it!"