ATV Rider Killed in Wreck

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An ATV rider died after smashing into a trailer in the Poconos.

The Monroe County coroner tells Newswatch 16 the driver of the ATV lost control and crashed into a food truck trailer around 6 p.m. Saturday on Gilbert Road near Brodheadsville.

State troopers and several emergency crews were on scene.

The coroner identified the ATV driver as James Greydanus, 40, of Gilbert.

The crash is under investigation.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    This is a terrible tragedy for the family and friends, albeit an avoidable tragedy.

    We see this everywhere when people decide that they want to do whatever it is that they want to do. They will rip-tear up and down these mountain roads on their ATV’s and then have the unmitigated nerve to act as if they’re outraged that they were nearly mowed down by a fast-traveling logging truck.

    ATV’s belong OFF of the roads, regardless of whether the road permits use, or not. This is just simple common sense. I am so sorry for the family and loved ones – hopefully, they can put this incident to a use to keep all ATV’s off of all roadways.

    • jimbrony

      Yep, let’s penalize all the sensible law abiding ATV riders because of one fatality that we know very little of the facts about. You’re confusing emotion with common sense. This state, along with many other states, allow ATV use on specific roads under the assumption that people will follow the rules, and will subject to penalties if they don’t. Driving drunk is illegal – but people still do it every day knowing full well the consequences. I’ll agree with you on one thing – a growing number of people go through life thinking the laws don’t apply to them. For one day, just take notice to how many people drive well above the posted speed limit, don’t completely stop at signs and lights, don’t use their turn signals, etc. The lawless and reckless actions of some shouldn’t dictate policy for the others.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        Pffffft. It’s sort of like banning “assault-style” weapons because a few bona fide crazies get ahold of them and go on rampages. Got it.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    It’s against the law to ride ATVs on roadways laned for traffic. Unfortunately the driver of the truck/food trailer will be affected by this incident for some time to come.

    • jimbrony

      Why speak of something you know nothing about? It IS legal to ride ATV’s on roads that are designated for that purpose with conditions. We do it a lot, pass the police and DCNR trucks and they usually wave at us. Please, stop the BS’ing.

      • Robert Hudson

        They waive at riders because they aren’t worth pursuing. Fortunately, the habit is inherently self-limiting. If you’re dumb enough to do it, remember: trees and poles NEVER lose.

      • jimbrony

        Did my homework long before you decided to post your lie that it’s against the law to ride ATV’s on roadways ‘laned for traffic’. From the DCNR web site: State and local highways and roads may be designated and posted for ATV’s by the government authority with jurisdiction over the road. Township roads designated for ATVs are posted with a green sign containing the side view silhouette of an ATV and rider in white. Some roads may be designated and posted as joint use roads open to both ATVs and licensed motor vehicles. Joint use roads are posted with signs stating that both types of vehicles may use the road.” We ride LEGALLY on titled, licensed, insured ATV’s – while wearing helmets, obeying the speed limit, and not under the influence. You guys probably yell at kids on skateboards too, don’t you?

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