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Plow Day Draws Large Crowd

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It was windy and a little chilly outside at a farm near Watsontown, but that did not stop more than 100 people from plowing the fields here.

"Just get out, enjoy yourself and have a good day," Walter Trimble said.

This field belongs to Bob Foresman, so why there are so many people plowing?

"He opens it up as guests. He lets us plow. It saves him money and time to plow his fields and we do the work for him," Josh Snyder said.

Josh Snyder of Milton is the organizer of Plow Day. For the 13th straight year, central Pennsylvania is home to a plow convention.

"They bring their garden tractors, usually it's just a one bottom plow, like a 10-inch plow. We just plow the fields, get them ready for the farmer to put corn or soybeans in," Snyder said.

People come from all over to plow this field.

Brandon Weaver of Muncy has a friend coming from Connecticut.

"One of the guys with him flew in from Minnesota and the other from Alberta, Canada," Brandon Weaver said.

Walter Trimble lives in Northern Delaware.

"It's just a good hobby everyone should enjoy," Trimble said.

A lot of the people who are here aren't even farmers. They're hobbyists with tractors who are doing this for fun.

"Some live in cities. They don't get a chance to plow even a little garden. This gives them the chance to come and play," Snyder said.

It's not only plowing, people can buy and sell tractor parts, and camp out.

"This is my third year now and first time out with this contraption. Completely custom so I hope it holds together," Weaver said.

Tractor day runs through Saturday on River Road near Watsontown. Registration is $10, and organizers expect more than 200 tractors this weekend.

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