Police Officer Involved in Crash in Columbia County

SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A police officer crashed into another vehicle Wednesday morning on Route 11 near Bloomsburg.

The South Centre Township officer was trying to cross Route 11 when he hit the passenger side of another car.

No one was injured but the police cruiser sustained a lot of damage.

According to the police chief, this leaves two of the four department vehicles out of commission.

The chief says they are managing with only two vehicles for right now.

State police are investigating the crash in Columbia County.


  • Shifty Biscuits

    I know whenever I am involved in a “incident” situation my employer will test me for drugs and alcohol. Was this knucklehead tested? As his employer, I request the testing! Probably too late now huh?

  • Jim Martin

    What a bunch of young immature clowns this dept. has especially the tall skinny clown stolemeyer. Tickets for not using a turn signal while they themselves are smashing into innocent civilians! Time for a change of big chief poos!!

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