Even More Development Planned in Poconos

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- More big development projects are coming to the Poconos

The area near the intersection of Route 940 and Long Pond Road in Tobyhanna Township will be getting a major makeover to make way for new development.

Tobyhanna Township manager John Jablowski gave us a look at plans to overhaul the area of Route 940 and Long Pond Road.

"(Route) 940 is tired and old," Jablowski said.

"It's an intersection where you have to keep your eyes open. You've got to be on the lookout," said Corris Cannonier of Long Pond.

So the township has developed a plan to make this area safer and attract businesses.

"Folks are very excited about this opportunity," Jablowski said.

Normally, as an area grows, every individual landowner has to work separately with many state agencies to get approvals.

Tobyhanna Township is streamlining the process by inviting all of the landowners in the area to participate in a community plan. It will combine road, open space, and sewer plans.

"Instead of each landowner going to the state and saying, 'here's what I want to do and what I want to do,' let's work together collectively as a community to say this is what we want this to be," Jablowski explained.

The first phase involves moving the Interstate 380 exit ramp to a safer location. Then the township will put in a sewer system for businesses.

The final project will have a village feel with well-designed streets and hiking and biking trails.

There are already many businesses including hotels and restaurants that have expressed interest in building here once the project is complete.

"Here's a unique, once in a generation opportunity that we say this is what we want this to be," Jablowski added.

The road construction is scheduled to begin this time next year and the sewer work should begin the following year. If all goes as planned, new businesses can start moving in by 2020.

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