Proposed Natural Gas Plant Moved to New Location

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DUNMORE, Pa. -- A natural gas plant planned for one part of Lackawanna County will now be built elsewhere.

Meadowbrook Energy had planned the facility for Throop, but it has now moved the site to the Keystone Industrial Park in Dunmore.

The move comes after Meadowbrook discovered a zoning issue in Throop.

Meadowbrook wants to use the biogas emissions from landfills in Lackawanna County as fuel.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Not to support the natural gas industry, at all, but using methane from landfills as a source of energy is actually brilliant.

    There is a giant facility in Tioga County that uses methane to power an enormous aquaponic green house to produce produce. The methane generates all of the power necessary to filter water, pump water, power grow lights, and regulate climate control within the facility. It is truly amazing and something that our society should contemplate as a means to generate alternative energy.

    • jimbrony

      “Not to support the natural gas industry…” Which energy industry do you support? Not many viable alternatives, are there? People need power, it has to come from somewhere. And please, don’t say solar or wind power. Another NIMBY…

      • Rusty Knyffe

        Jimbrony, are you making all manners of assumptions based upon a short remark on a news discussion board? Taken out of context, it could easily appear that I wrote with an agenda in mind, and that’s not the case. My comment was strictly addressing the use of contained methane produced by landfills. PERIOD. Now, if I wanted to “say solar or wind power,” I can. That’s non-threatening and it doesn’t violate anyone’s “safe space,” including yours.

        If you’re that frigging bored to try to pick apart a simple and quite clearly written comment, try getting a job or finishing your hot pocket, then contemplate your own navel for a while.

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