PennDOT Launches Pothole Blitz

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PennDOT kicked off its "Pothole Blitz" in our area today.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey spotlighted the project on Wednesday.

PennDOT crews started off in Dunmore.  Workers plan to expand into other areas through the end of the month.  The pothole patching really depends on the weather and on each PennDOT district office which decides the roads/areas that will get tackled across Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania.

The pothole blitz is an "all hands on deck" approach as described by PennDOT spokesperson James May.

So what do you do if you spot a problematic pothole?

Here are some tips: 

  • First, you should know  "who is responsible to fix the pothole?" PennDOT?  Your local community's street crew? Or, someone else?
  • If the road has a route number such as "Route 29" or "Route 347," it is a state road and PennDOT's responsibility.
  • To report pothole problems on state roads call 1-800-FIX ROAD.
  • Not a state road? The potholes may be the responsibility of your community or a private developer such as roads around a shopping center.  Your best bet is to contact your local municipality to find out who is responsible.

One other tip: 

If you get a flat tire because of a pothole, take pictures of the road, the damage and your car.  Then, take those photos and the repair bill to your local municipality.  Sometimes you might get reimbursed.  It is a case by case basis.

For other questions surrounding pothole patching in our area, reach out to PennDOT spokesperson James May.  He can be reached via email at:


  • troutlover

    Oh, James, I forgot to ask you what are you doing with the $.58 a gallon that was SUPPOSED to be used to FIX ALL of our roads??? Probably used for overtime pay for PennDOT worker to sit in their trucks for their 3 hour breaks they take EVERY day!!!!

  • troutlover

    Hey James, 3 weeks ago I saw a PennDOT crew “filling some potholes” on RT-115 2 miles from Blakeslee, PA. There was 4 dump trucks, a utility pickup and 9 “workers”. It was 1015 and they had already taking a break sitting in their trucks. I followed the utility truck to the Dunkin Donut in Blakeslee. On my way back 45 minutes later and they were still on break. Two days later I was on RT-115 where they were working and all I saw was four (4) small potholes fixed and about 100 large and deep within 1/2 mile of where they had been working!! How about YOU taking a drive from Bear Creek to Blakeslee and see how this road has TOTALLY deteriorated! There was been MANY near misses between cars trying to miss the HUGE potholes on this heavily travel road! Oh, I forgot!! You are only the TV personality and YOU never check the road!!!

  • Jamie Jones

    Can we stop “fixing” potholes!!! Fix the roads. Rip them up and re-pave them ffs. You spend the taxpayers money on band-aid fixes that cause raised bumps in the road and next snow season gets caught on plows and guess what…. more f’ing potholes.Fix the roads!

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