Dick’s Sporting Goods Destroying All Guns Pulled From Shelves

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PITTSBURGH — Dick’s Sporting Goods will be destroying all the guns and accessories that it stopped selling in late February.

In a statement to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a company spokeswoman said they are “in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories” associated with the policy change.

The retail giant will be destroying the assault-style rifles at the company’s distribution centers and the remaining parts will be sent to a salvage company to be recycled.

Dick’s first announced on Feb. 28 that it will stop selling assault-style weapons like the one used in the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting. It also said it will raise the minimum age for all gun sales to 21.

The move didn’t come without backlash as the company faces two lawsuits over the age limit requirement.

20-year-old in Oregon and an 18-year-old in Michigan are suing for discrimination.


  • Am Light

    With all of the down votes, I don’t see a single comment supporting this ludicrous decision.

    When people vote something down without any *discussion* to support their choice, it’s pretty clear that they have no idea why they don’t agree and they cannot formulate a coherent response explaining why they disagree. This is pretty much what’s happened to this culture in the last 10 years.

    Destroy them all, I say, and I’ll just go to a different company.

  • Cari L. Fedorchak

    I hope this loser company gets robbed and the police don’t respond by saying they’re sorry but the officers carry guns and won’t be able to respond because they’re not going to be lectured about the evils of guns!

  • Rusty Knyffe

    The people making these types of ridiculous decisions are not familiar with their own stock, the BATF definition of “assault-style” anything, or reasonable steps. This disturbing announcement also has solidified my personal boycott of any business or service that is choosing to buckle under the assumption that kids know more about the nuances and complexities of Laws and life than seasoned adults. I will never, under any circumstances, enter into DICK’S for the rest of my life.

    These actions aren’t going to stop massacres any more than Xanax is going to cure anxiety in millennials. What is going to slow these massacres down is to make mental health a priority, particularly with mood-altering medications that were designed to control and manage active children. Begin enforcing laws that already exist. Begin making ANY crime using a gun a mandatory 10 year sentence, do not pass GO, do not collect 200 dollars, 100% non-negotiable. Make the individuals who are doing the crimes to do the time instead of attempting to force the world into a Utopian “safe” place that will never be realized.

  • john williams

    oh, the hypocracy- they will destroy the stripped lower reciver worth about $90 these days, the part with the serial number. thats the actual “firearm” according to the ATF. The barrel, stock, sights, upper reciver, and all internal lower parts will be “recycled” which is worth about $600 depending on the quality/ manufacturer, by being sold to another company who will sell them as parts. Oh and it makes for great PR abour DICKS protecting and saving all the children!!!!!

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