Tamaqua Man Charged in Attack with Medieval Weapon

TAMAQUA, Pa. -- People in Tamaqua are still talking about an unusual attack that happened in that Schuylkill County community last week.

Police tell us a man recently attacked another man with a type of medieval weapon.

Jacob Gaburick is behind bars after police say he attacked a driver with mace.

Tamaqua police say Gaburick used the metal mace that was taken into evidence. It's the size of a golf ball but packed a punch.

Mace in police evidence bag

The victim suffered injuries to his wrist and leg.

This type of unusual violence worries Micah Brown Dennis who moved to Tamaqua from Allentown a month ago.

"I never heard of anything like that. It kind of seems like a comic book. Something like that is just unbelievable."

Police say they responded to last week's attack in a parking lot on Hunter and Spruce Streets in Tamaqua.

The victim said during an argument, Jacob Gaburick of Schuylkill Haven swung the spike, which was attached to a stick, at him, hitting him in the leg and wrist.

Police say Gaburick also broke the victim's car radio and a taillight. They said Gaburick stole the victim's cellphone and took off.

"I've never heard of anything in my whole life that they did to hurt such a person. I mean, you hear with guns and with knives and things like that because of the dope and everything like that, but this is unusual," said Joe McDonald.

After giving police a wrong name, police were able to take Gaburick into custody.

Dennis says he will be watching his back.

"When I am walking around late or something, I will stay aware of my surroundings, but still that's something you would not expect to be afraid of like getting attacked by a medieval mace."

Jacob Gaburick is behind bars at Schuylkill County Prison on $20,000 bail.


    • Rusty Knyffe

      nope, nope, nope, nope……….infinity

      And, I have to wonder why these millennial males all seem to look alike and so effeminate. Seriously – this concerns me that this man actually looks like a female. Must be something in the “tendies” that all of these people are eating.

      • gutterratt

        How they “look” has nothing to do with how they act until they manifest what’s on the inside that eventually reveals itself on the outside. Guys in the 60’s-70’s had hair down to there and our dads said the same thing..”they all look like girls!” Being an effeminate male has what do to with violence when men make up 93% of the prison population and not ALL of them are effeminate. No, this behavior has to do with complacent parenting, compromised school systems, hours of violent video games, music and TV a day tweaked with psych meds that rarely work.

  • donamick

    so he got hit with ‘a’ mace and that just hit with mace… I’m guessing that’s just a mistake in the story and not some sort of journalistic play on words.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      I’m going to assume that you read the entire article and did not get the gist that “A mace” was used in an attack which is typically described as a iron sphere with spikes that is suspended by a chain from a baton, rod, or cudgel to swing and smash an enemy’s extremities, including caving in someone’s head.

      “Medieval” should have been the clue to the correct phrase, “a mace.”

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