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Summer Camp to Teach Trades

NEW BERLIN, Pa. -- When you think of summer camps, sports, art, and other outdoor activities may come to mind, but a summer camp in Union County teaches kids skills in the trade industries.

Students at Sun Area Technical Institute in New Berlin can be found working daily on an array of projects involving several trades.

This June, seventh, eighth and ninth graders can do the same. The technical institute will be holding a career exploration summer camp.

"These kids get out here. They explore some of the careers that are out there, some of the skills that they can use later on in their careers, in their life. It's just a great way to introduce kids to some of these things," said assistant director Doug Bertanzetti.

Over four days, campers can be introduced to culinary arts, woodworking, carpentry, robotics, welding, and masonry. Getting started at a young age is beneficial for those interested in a career in the trade industries.

"I think it's extremely important because the kids actually get a little bit of experience early on in their lives, and that way they can decide what way they want to go in their life and what they want to do," said masonry instructor Ryan Swinehart.

While many of these vocational technology programs have been eliminated from schools across the country, current students say being here has been life-changing, because it's setting them up for future success.

"It really values that hard work and work ethic of people, and most of these trades, there's always going to be a demand for it, so the more we learn it, the better we'll be off as a country," carpentry student Ethan Richard said.

"This kind of opened my eyes a little bit on engines and maintaining vehicles and stuff like that. It's really interesting," said auto technology student Chris Koller.

The deadline to sign up for the camp is May 18. Get more info here.