Search Continues for Gunman in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- The search continues for a man who fired off several shots all while a city police officer was nearby.

That police officer lives in the area and tried to get the gunman to stop.

No one was hurt, but police are still looking for the shooter.

Police were wearing protective gear on Tuesday morning to knock on the door of a home on Wyoming Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Barbara Wojick said she heard eight gunshots on Monday night. She watched from her window on Tuesday as officers looked for more information.

“That was comforting a little bit to know that they were on the ball. They were on the job, but it wasn't so comforting because they wanted to talk to someone across the street from me,” Wojick said.

Police left shortly after they came on Tuesday morning. They said no one is in custody.

Newswatch 16 was there Monday night as police shut down a nearby street trying to put the pieces together.

Investigators said a city police officer yelled at the gunman from his porch on Monday night, but the man with the gun just kept firing.

What investigators don’t know is if those shots were fired into the air or at that officer.

Wojick said she has lived here for close to 20 years, and the neighborhood has changed a lot.

“It's getting more and more frequent here, and it is disturbing because it doesn't matter if it's random or if it's targeted, wrong place, wrong time, you can still be hurt,” Wojick said.

Neighbors said this stretch of Wyoming Street is usually pretty quiet. They feel even safer living here because that police officer lives nearby.

“They come really quickly here. I have to believe that they come really quickly anywhere, but they responded very quickly and they are still walking around the neighborhood. They're still looking for things,” Wojick said.

Police are also looking over surveillance video from a neighbor to find out more.

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