Lutherwood Residents Waiting to Go Home

SCRANTON, Pa. -- More than 100 seniors were displaced from their apartments in Scranton after Sunday's winds ripped off the roof of their high-rise.

Crews started repairs Tuesday, but it may be several days until anyone is allowed back inside Lutherwood Apartments on Lake Scranton Road.

Many of its residents don't know what they'll be coming home to.

For 17 years, Lutherwood has been Tom Ashman's home.

"Nicest place in the city, can't be any better," he said.

Monday night, home was a Red Cross shelter in a church around the corner, only a bit more comfortable than the night before.

"Just woke me up with all kinds of noise, like a freight train, trees hitting the side of the building, and never realized it was the roof coming off," Ashman said.

Sunday night, heavy winds ripped the roof right off Lutherwood. It's still hanging like a wet paper bag.

That remainder of the roof could still cause some damage, so crews are going to have to take it down piece by piece.

The building's owner says it is too early to tell how long repairs will take.

Tom Ashman lives on the top floor.

"I got a brand new television, brand new chair and everything else. I'm on the sixth floor, so you know what I got, don't you? Water."

So for now, Tom's headed to a hotel. His beloved Shih Tzu, Bonnie Sue, is staying with a friend.

"She's taking care of her until I get out of this situation here. Then I'll be able to get her back," Ashman said.

Eventually, they'll head home to Lutherwood.

"I don't know what I'm going back to. Believe me when I tell you that. I don't know," he added.

The American Red Cross told Newswatch 16 all of the Lutherwood residents were able to find other places to stay Tuesday night, so the shelter at the church is no longer needed.

Lutherwood's owner hopes to start welcoming some people home in a few days.