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Last-minute Tax Filing in the Poconos

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- It was a busy day at H&R Block in East Stroudsburg on the last day to file taxes.

"I don't want any trouble with the government. I want to get this done, filed, and out of my hair," said David Hernandez of Bushkill.

Paul Davison is the general manager at H&R Block, and his business turns the same every tax season -- slow in the beginning and a big push towards the end.

"We are done. It's been quite a year between the snow and Easter. A lot of procrastination this year. It's been very busy this past week," said Davison.

And while a good amount of people file their taxes online these days, Davison says he still gets a good amount of people coming into his office.

"The people that file online are the do-it-yourselfers that have always been. The people that we see in here have more complicated returns, need a little handholding or guidance," said Davison.

Some people we spoke to say they simply just forgot to file their taxes, but they are happy to have a place they can walk into on the last day to get it done.

David Hernandez from Bushkill was one of the forgetful. He says he'd rather come into an office than do it online.

"I'd rather do it in person. I do everything in person. Even if I'm ordering a part, I'd rather just go to the store and talk to a person," said Hernandez.

According to the IRS, as of April 6, more than 103 million returns have been received.

Those who filed for an extension have until mid-October to send their completed returns.

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