Dogs Found Dead in Garbage Bags

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two dead dogs were found in garbage bags on the side of a road near Stroudsburg, but who left them there and why is still under investigation.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is handling the case, and officials are still trying to determine how the dogs died.

The dogs were brought to Barton Heights Animal Hospital near Bartonsville after being found on Monday. The dogs will be examined to find out how they died.

Denise Duryea lives on Cranberry Road near Stroudsburg, just across from where the two dogs were found dead inside garbage bags. She says she saw two large bags sitting along the road for nearly a week.

"We just assumed it was road cleanup because a lot of people are kind enough to pick up the litter that people leave. We didn't think anything of it. We thought they were large, but we had no idea."

The dogs were discovered off the side of Ramblebush and Cranberry Roads Monday afternoon.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is handling the investigation into how the dogs died and who they belonged to.

"I was devastated," Duryea said. "I have two dogs of my own. I can't imagine anyone would do that. It's horrible. Who would do that?"

Both dogs were taken to Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital. While doctors couldn't comment on the investigation, they did say it's never easy to deal with situations like this.

Dr. Jeremy Wentz is a veterinarian at the hospital and says this is no way for an animal to be left behind.

"It's extremely difficult to deal with. I mean, obviously, we all here love animals and dogs and seeing anything happen inappropriately is definitely saddening," Dr. Wentz said.

Others who live in Stroud Township say they can't believe something so sad was discovered right in their backyard.

"Shocking and horrible, very," said Carlos Gonzalez. "Now it's going to keep me more alert."

"I think it's horrible because we love dogs. We are dog lovers and just the thought of anything happening to any dog is horrible," Maribel Gonzalez added.

Anyone with information about the dogs is asked to contact the Pennsylvania SPCA.