Red Cross Helps Lutherwood Residents

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- The American Red Cross is partnering with a church in Lackawanna County to help residents of the Lutherwood apartment building in Scranton who were forced from their homes when strong winds ripped the roof from their building.

The Red Cross expects to have a shelter open at least through the week for the folks who were forced out after the roof blew off their apartment complex near Lake Scranton.

Residents tell us they are thankful someone was there to lend a helping hand.

About 30 seniors will be calling the Grace Reformed Episcopal Church their home, at least for a while, after a gust of wind ripped off the roof to their homes at Lutherwood.

"He said, 'The roof collapsed.' The fireman, he said, you know, just get out now," said resident Jean Gordener.

Residents say they were forced out of their homes but did have time to gather necessities like clothes and medications before leaving the building.

"I don't worry about the little things because I got my meds, got my phone, what else do I need? Now I do want my truck. I just hope it's not destroyed," said resident William Hopkins.

Residents say they are thankful to have the Red Cross in their corner.

"They were right here helping us, making sure we had something to eat and drink."

"I'm just happy that this beautiful church gave us all a place to stay for now. Some of us have nowhere to go."

The Red Cross promises to provide for these residents as long as it's needed.

"From what we're being told, it's going to take several days to make repairs to the roof to be able to get these residents back in the building, so we're prepared, at this point, to have whether this shelter or some shelter somewhere nearby, open probably throughout the course of the week," said Red Cross official Dave Skutnik.

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