Mother Nature Wreaks Havoc on Spring Sports

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LEHIGHTON, Pa. -- The wild weather so far this spring has wreaked havoc on sports schedules with cancellations and postponements.

The Lehighton Area baseball and softball teams had to practice indoors yet again Monday because conditions were too wet and cold outside.

"You know dirt's different, balls always hopping on different type of ground. You want to run and dive in the outfield and catch balls and you just can't get the same experience inside as you can outside,” said senior softball player Ryanne Hoffman.

"With the weather going back and forth all the time, it's hot and it's cold. We've had games we played when it was snowing, and Saturday we were all sweating to death, so it's been back and forth, had a lot of game cancellations, been pretty rough,” said senior softball player Rachel Serfass.

Tamir Spencer ran around the track in Lehighton Monday afternoon. His coach told Newswatch 16 outdoor practice has been hard to come by this season.

Sleet, snow, rain, wind or freezing temperatures have forced the team indoors and led to canceled or postponed meets.

"Pretty rough conditions, we have to practice inside a while. It's a lot better when we actually get to compete like we have to, how we should,” said Spencer.

Coaches seem just as frustrated as athletes by the unseasonable weather and the canceled and rescheduled games.

"We've had other games moved to the end of the year. I said at one point, we're just going to play games every day of the week and not practice anymore,” said softball coach Dave Yob.

Lehighton Area's athletic director says the good news is all the other school districts are in the same boat, so there's a lot of cooperation about rescheduling games.

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