Young Girl Emotional After Realizing Her Playhouse Was Stolen

SILVER LAKE TOWNSHIP, Pa. --  Spring cleaning is underway here at the lake view ice cream parlor in Silver Lake Township.

The Holgash family plan on dishing out scoops in Susquehanna County on April 20th but they'll be doing so with something important missing from the backyard.

The family says this playhouse, a mainstay for children who come to satisfy their taste buds was stolen last night.

"It's ridiculous honestly that someone would steal something that belongs to a child, but there are crazy people in this area and I don't know what people are thinking these days," said owner Tracy Holgash.

Sophia Holgash's grandparents bought her the playhouse when she was younger and her father put it together and finding out it was stolen was tough to take.

"I was like 'what happened? and then it was gone. I just started crying. I wanted different kids to play with it because maybe they don't have that at home and they might just want to come here and play with it," said Sophia.

All that remains of the playhouse is a flower pot holder and pieces of the mailbox.

You can see fresh tire tracks near where it was taken and the Holgash's believe that somebody backed their trailer down the driveway.

A neighbor who lives close by says he saw a truck with a trailer driving up and down the road last night.

"I seen a black truck making passes up and down the road with a big trailer behind it. it kind of looked like an older Chevy, with a beater trailer behind it," said neighbor Jeff Rosenkrans.