Girardville Prepares for St. Patrick’s Parade in April

GIRARDVILLE -- Girardville's St. Patrick's Parade that was postponed because of snow will be held Saturday.

St. Patrick's Day Parade decorations can still be found all around Girardville even though it is April.

"We party anyhow, Girardville's a party town," said Mary-Kay Squires of Girardville.

Last month, the parade's committe had to postpone it for three weeks because of a snowstorm.

The committee had to postpone the parade last year for the same reason.

At first, folks were worried the parade wouldn't be the same, but now they're excited because warm weather is in the forecast.

"You don't like canceling the parade, but with the weather the way it is now, I think it's going to turn out better," said parade committee member Ed Burns.

Mary-Kay Squires of Girardville spent the day setting up her food truck.

"We have bleenies and hot sausage , taco boats and all kinds of good stuff," said Squires.

After people are finished watching the parade, many of them said they plan to come back to their homes and continue the celebration.

"We turn my man cave into a catering hall for the day and we have a good time," Burns said. "We have a lot of people come up."

Girardville's St. Patricks Day Parade typically brings in between 10 thousand to 15 thousand people each year and it's a 15 year tradition in the community.

"We get to see friends that I haven't seen in a long time," said Dan Kelly  "You know, get together. It's like a nice little homecoming."

The parade will start at noon and there will be extra police on hand for the event.

Girardville's mayor encourages everyone to make sure they're here by 10 a.m. before the streets close for the parade.


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