Emergency Responder Day at ESU

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Lined up on the campus lawn at East Stroudsburg University included fire trucks, police cruisers, ambulance trucks and more.

These men and women in uniform came to meet with students for First Responders Day.

"It's nice to see their faces and put a face to a name. It makes you feel more safe. Someone you can call if you have questions or if something actually happens," said Kylie Eveling, a senior at East Stroudsburg University.

"I think it's important for people to be comfortable with the people that they are calling for emergencies. It's about having that knowledge of knowing who Chief Parish is on campus. It makes me feel better personally and I hope it makes others feel better as well," said Hope Decker, senior.

Some of the students we spoke to say they are very happy to be able to meet some of the first responders here in Monroe County. This way, they feel more comfortable calling in case there is an emergency.

Emergency Responders say it's important for everyone to feel safe in the place they live.

"They get to see us face to face rather than in a situation where they don't know what to do or it's an emergency," said Officer Jerome Taylor of the Stroud Area Regional Police.

"There is no reason to be afraid. We got out into the community all the time and we are part of the community and are there to help people," said Denise Doremus of Pocono Mt. Regional EMS.

Students organized the event on campus and the plan is to hold First Responders Day every spring at East Stroudsburg University.