Walmart Updating, Streamlining Local Stores

TAYLOR, Pa. -- Walmart is planning to remodel 14 stores in Pennsylvania this year, including stores in Bloomsburg, Milford, and Taylor.

"Work underway for a better store experience," says the sign that greets shoppers at the Walmart in Taylor.

Walmart will be spending $49 million this year renovating some of its stores, including 14 in Pennsylvania.

"For convenience and a more modernized streamlined approach for our customer, so they're helped faster and helps them embrace what's coming, what's the future online, but still allowing them to enjoy our brick and mortar facility," explained assistant store manager Alex Badum.

From the bakery to the garden center, Walmart will be making changes

Apparel will change to all new racks, tables, new signing to kind of incorporate our new Walmart brands that we're going to start offering."

Walmart says the most notable changes will be seen by online shoppers.

Employees at Walmart tell Newswatch 16 the photo center will be moved to the back in the electronics section. The pickup area will be expanded to match the needs of online shoppers.

Jill Sweeney uses Walmart's online ordering and says it's convenient.

"I like the one up in Dickson City because they do have the grocery pick-up which is super easy with the kids," Sweeney said.

Sweeney says it's important for Walmart to compete with online retailers.

"It's super convenient and it's easy to keep up with Amazon, because, with Amazon, you have to wait even if you are a Prime member, you know? With Amazon, you have to wait, so I think it's great."

Walmart says the changes to the store in Taylor will be completed in July.