Vehicle Registration Fee Proposed to Repair County Bridges, Roads

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Luzerne County is looking at ways to help fix some of their roads and bridges by implementing a $5 vehicle registration fee.

"We have to review it," said county manager Dave Pedri. "We don't take these things lightly, we understand it's another fee on an already taxed populace here in Luzerne County, but when we're talking about over $2 million coming here to Luzerne County, it has to be looked at and it has to be reviewed."

Luzerne County estimates that implementing the fee could generate nearly $1.5 million a year. PennDOT would match up to $2 million for the first year, but the state won't commit beyond that.

"They said that, hopefully, this will be in future budgets, but what they said is for one year definitely is what they're able to commit to at this particular point," said Pedri. "We're trying to fix these potholes and we have to fix the bridges. We're talking about public safety here and it has to be reviewed."

A bridge along West Liberty Street in Hanover Township is a bridge the county has prioritized as one that needs to be repaired. Pedri says the cost would be approximately $1.5 million.

"If they're really going to improve the roads, then I'm for it because we travel out of state and the roads are much better than in Pennsylvania," said Jean Dydynski of Plymouth Township.

"My husband's had a problem with a pothole and had a tire issue. We've definitely had problems and my grandson is just starting to drive now and I don't need him having problems. They definitely need to have work done," said Linda Accurso of Glen Lyon.

This fee would be in addition to the gas tax which already brings in more than $1 million a year to Luzerne County. The registration fee will be introduced April 24, with a probable vote coming on May 10.


  • Jamie Jones

    Will someone tax the GD rich finally??? The poor (anyone not rich, you know who you are) are tired of paying for everything. Yes everyone has a car, and everyone uses gas, but thats the problem. So that can be made even, but nothing else? How about a $5-$10 hike on registrations of vehicles over $75,000. Tired of putting more of my money in when these well off pigs get to put their feet up and relax.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    The fuel tax has all been spent on the brand-new fleet of PSP vehicles. You know, the low profile, charcoal grey, (street camouflaged) ones. Oh yeah, and the state pensions.

  • jsrant

    Maybe we should lower the welfare money. Less amount and less time on it. Get these lazy dead beats working. Then use the savings on our roads. Too much free handouts to the ones that don’t deserve them.

    • My Foot

      Really ?? The Recent Tax breaks to the richest of the richest and you blame the poor for the roads?….You are not paying attention.

      • jsrant

        I’m not blaming the deadbeats for the roads. I’m blaming them for draining the state’s budget. There are many out there that are capable of working but don’t because they get a check for doing nothing. MY tax dollars at work.

  • Nancy Bubeck Ridenour

    Bucks County has already implemented this $5 “fee”. I knew it would only be a matter of time before every county in the Commonwealth got on the bandwagon! Amazing how creative our lawmakers can be to add more “fees” but can’t be nearly as creative when it comes to reducing our “fees”! WTH!

  • Shari Lee Cook

    Everyone has their hand out looking for more money. How about some accountability as to where the money that’s already being taken from us in the form of gas tax, etc. is being spent. Personally, when I need money for new expenditures, I carefully plan and save for it. I see none of that happening with our government, instead they look for someone “beneath them” to pay. Enough is enough!

  • peatermoss

    Perfect timing for the same old story ( Pothole Season ) every 10 years or so.
    Raise the fuel tax
    Raise the registration
    Raise the license
    And we still have the worst roads !!

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