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Man Charged with Homicide and Abuse of a Corpse in Northumberland County

MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A man has been charged with the shooting death of Sean Maschal last September in Northumberland County.

Police say Brian Heffner, 37 of Coal Township, has been charged with homicide, abuse of a corpse and other related charges.

Maschal's body was found last September in a wooded area along Route 54 in Mount Carmel Township.

According to arrest papers, Heffner shot Maschal in the back of the head while they were inside an SUV. Maschal's body was then dumped in the woods.

Mount Carmel Township police say the victim's sister, Taylor Glassic, was not involved in Maschal's death.

Shortly after Maschal's body was found in September, Glassic was arrested on unrelated drug charges. Around the same time, a search warrant that showed up on social media included Glassic's name in connection to the murder investigation.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Seems to be a whole lot of this type of crime being committed in the region. Abuse of corpse? JEEEEEEEEEEZ I can’t even begin to imagine what that all means.

    • Jeff _

      “Abuse of a corpse” is just a catch-all for not handling a dead body in a socially accepted, “proper or dignified” manner ; eg: in this case it was dumped in the woods.

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