Korean War Vets Honored

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POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Those who fought in a war that started nearly 70 years ago are still being honored today.

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's office recognized about 40 Korean war veterans from Schuylkill County in a special ceremony at the Schuylkill County Courthouse.

Joseph Stencovage of St. Clair was one of the veterans honored.

"I'm proud. I'm very proud to see the rest of these Korean fellows here," Stencovage said.

Sen. Toomey worked with the Schuylkill County Veterans Affairs office to make this all possible.

"When you realize the young veterans here in this group are 82 years old, these are men who fought 60 and 65 years ago, and for them, it's very important that we've not forgotten them and for Sen. Toomey it's always been key that he not forget any of our veterans," said Bob DeSousa, a member of Sen. Toomey's staff.

Each of the veterans was given an Ambassador for Peace medal which is a token of gratitude given to Korean War veterans from the Korean government.

"The medal has been available for several years but when the South Koreans did it, places like Schuylkill County didn't know about it."

The ceremony was emotional for those who attended.

"So many of the guys are still with it. My father will be 90 at the end of July. so, they're running out of days. That's how it goes," said Kurt Hepler, the son of a veteran.

Sen. Toomey has awarded 600 of these medals to veterans all across the state.


  • My Foot

    Trump stated “You cannot be Great without being Rich”…..He is wrong….Greatness comes in many forms of courage…Vets are proof of that.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Out twisting President Trump’s words again are you? Here’s the full quote:

      “There’s one more thing that we must do to make America wealthy again, and you have to be wealthy in order to be great, I’m sorry to say.”

      That’s the way it is. A country without wealth has an insufficient military, infrastructure, and can’t feed its citizens. All three are necessary to have a great country like we do. President Trump is proven right once more.

      • My Foot

        Trump states “The beauty of me is that I am rich”…..Veterans are great…..Don’t you get tired of trying to explain his hurtful remarks ?? …

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        I didn’t try to explain anything. I merely posted the whole quote that you tried to take out of context again. I do take comfort in the fact that if another Republican won the nomination and election, you and your leftist pals would be bashing him instead of President Trump because Hillary lost. I’m just trying to keep you honest. Also, I don’t see those remarks as “hurtful” because I’m not jealous of rich people, but it sure looks like you are.

      • My Foot

        Name calling and nasty are signs you are out of Facts….I am not a Lib or Hill fan…..I am concerned about my country,

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        What? Where’s the name calling and nasty? Aww…show me on the doll where I hurt you.

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