Holocaust Memorial Held in Scranton

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- The Scranton Jewish Community Center held its annual Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial program on Thursday night.

The program happened at the same time a new survey was released which reveals that many millennials do not know what Auschwitz is.

"It makes you a little sick to your stomach just because Auschwitz is one of many, many camps and it was really the most notable in terms of what you learn about in school and to think that such a large number of people, especially millennials don't even know what Auschwitz is. It's scary," said Sarah Fish of Philadelphia.

The event's guest speaker, Mark Schonwetter, was a young boy in Poland during World War II.

Schonwetter later moved to the United States without knowing how to speak English and worked his way up until he eventually owned a jewelry company.

Organizers say accounts like his are becoming even more important as survivors get older and pass away.


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  • Sue Phillips

    Younger people not knowing about this is one of the reasons they are so willing to try to erase history. They are’t being real history just what fits the agenda anymore. Just like the killing of Native Americans is not taught as part of history

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