Bloomsburg University Makes Child’s Wish Come True

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BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? A little girl from Bloomsburg wants to go to Hawaii to meet her favorite Disney princess, Moana.

Rose Adams of Bloomsburg may look like your average kindergarten student. But this six-year-old has spent a lot of time in the hospital, getting treatment for cancer.

"It came out of nowhere and it was just one tumor inside of her head," Sarah McGinley said.

Rose is now doing better. So well in fact, that she is able to go on a vacation organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The family from Bloomsburg went to Disney World last year, but rose did not get to meet her favorite Disney princess.

"It didn't fulfill her because she didn't get the Moana thing out of the way. She kept that in her head and when we said if you could do anything she said meet Moana," Brandon Adams said.

That is where student-athletes at Bloomsburg University come in. After raising more than $5,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation last year, they were eligible to present a wish reveal. The student athletes put together a scavenger hunt for Rose to tell her she is going to meet Moana at a Disney resort in Hawaii.

"We spent a lot of time decorating so it's really nice to see the final vision. To have all her classmates here, it's just a great thing to be part of," Alyssa Davies said.

University students led Rose on an adventure, complete with a boat ride!

"I saw Cinderella. You saw Cinderella? Who else did you see? I saw Rapunzel. Did you see Moana? Yes," Rose said.

"I could never just say thank you and have that be enough. We are overly grateful for this," Brandon said.

"I'm so thankful. It was so much," Sarah said.

The family has some packing to do because they leave for their trip early next week.

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