PennDOT Workers Hit in Work Zone on I-80

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Three PennDOT workers were hit by a vehicle in a construction zone on Interstate 80, state police confirmed.

It happened in the westbound lanes on I-80 just before the Blakeslee exit around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Troopers said a tractor-trailer rear-ended a car, which then hit three workers. State police said other than the truck driver, the rest had to be treated at the hospital for their injuries, including a family in the car.

Officials said one of the workers had to be flown to the hospital.

I-80 west was closed between the junction with I-380 and the Blakeslee exit for hours while state police investigated. Traffic backed up for miles on Interstates 80 and 380, where traffic was detoured.

Traffic camera from PennDOT on I-80 near Long Pond

The interstate reopened around 8:30 p.m.

PennDOT said the workers were patching potholes on the interstate at the time of the crash.

"They are working for us, and we have to make sure the roads are safe for them," said Danielle Shively of East Stroudsburg.

"You always turn on your headlights, and you give them room. You give them a lane," said Jim Sadoski of Tannersville.

There is no word on the extent of any of the workers' injuries.


  • anonymom896

    They really need to get the tractor trailers to SLOW DOWN! I have been tailgated several times by tractor trailers. I hope that driver gets huge fines or loses their CDL. If we got tough on the speeding/tailgating tractor trailers we would save many lives and prevent many accidents.

    • Ed Hughes

      Seriously?!?! You freaking kidding me?!?! I drive tractor trailer across 80 to NE EXT and down to Philly at least few times a week, and most trucks are going 68-70 because a majority of trucking companies have them governed mostly no higher than 70. There is a very few trucks that can go any faster. I run about 72-73 mph in a 70 because driving with the traffic is proven safer than driving a lot slower than traffic, but at LEAST 90% the damn 4 wheeler’s I encounter are flying by me at LEAST 75, and at least half of them idiots are doing 80+!!! And I sure would like to know where these speeding trucks are?? I barely ever see any! I am lucky (maybe 3 trucks a day) to EVER get passed by another truck while I’m doing 73 in a 70 the whole way to Philly!! So this BS of “Really need to get the truck drivers to slow down” is exactly that, BS!!!! We have cars CONSTANTLY passing us and then about take our bumper off when they come back into the right lane, or they pass us at the last minute while just missing our bumper just to hit an off ramp and hitting the brakes!! I constantly have 4 wheeler’s riding my ass when I’m doing 73 in a 70 because they’re waiting for other morons are passing me and they can’t get over. Then when we get into the work zone on 476, speed limit is reduced to 55 mph, us trucks run about 60 BECAUSE 4 wheeler’s are passing us at still 70-80 mph!!!! I would be here all day typing the BS I alone deal with on a daily basis, so before you shoot your mouth, you really need to ride in a big truck for a day and see all the BS 4 wheeler’s do to us on a daily basis!! And I admit I am guilty of tailgating 4 wheeler’s, but only when they have to pass me, then get in front of me and then for some damn reason have to slow the hell down??!! Just today, one had to slow down because he was texting!! Or I’ll tailgate for a short distance when a moron has to wait until the last damn minute and pull out in front of me (happens at LEAST a dozen times a day!!) when they should have waited and I can’t slow down fast enough to not tailgate!!! SMDH!!!!

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