Neighbors React to Head-on Crash that Killed Two

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ANTHONY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Emergency crews crowded a stretch of Route 54 at the intersection of Route 44 for a two-vehicle crash that left both drivers dead.

State police say it happened just before 8 a.m. Tuesday about 12 miles outside of Danville.

Investigators say 43-year-old Kimberly Morgan's Subaru Forester crossed over into the opposite lane, causing a head-on collision with the Ford Escape driven by Melanie Powers, 32, of Pennsdale.

“There's been a couple accidents down here on 54, 44 there's been accidents down there. This was the probably the major one though,” said Michael Rathbun, who lives along that stretch of highway.

State police are looking into a cause but said the weather was not a factor.

Rathbun and his family say Route 54 is a dangerous road.

“There's major speeding. I've talked to the cops multiple times about it. I don't know how many times I've tried to pull into my driveway. I've had to veer, take off. I've actually been hit myself,” said Christina Rathbun. “Sadly, it took something like this, and maybe something will change.”

“When the bus stops over here at my sister's house, our nephews get off the bus right there, and there's cars coming up that hill probably 65, 70 miles an hour,” said Michael Rathbun. “And when there's line of us parked out here, I about got rear-ended by three cars down here.”

At Kimberly Morgan's home near Danville, her neighbors were extremely upset to hear what happened. They say she lived there with her young daughter.

“She has a little girl because the bus drops her off at school,” said one neighbor.

“Seven or eight (years old) and Kim was always friendly, always nice,” said Buddy Brotz. “Very nice, very sweet. I would buy Girl Scout cookies from her daughter.”

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  • jimbrony

    The Yungas Road (AKA Death Road) in Bolivia could be considered dangerous. There is nothing wrong with Route 54 except for the people that think the speed limits and no passing zones don’t apply to them. Throw in some distracted and impaired drivers, this is what you get. No laws, no amount of police presence will change the habits and attitudes of some people.

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