‘A little crazy but it’s fine’ – Walkers Waiting for Spring

SCRANTON, Pa. -- All you had to do is look out your window to know winter is hanging on.

Nay Aug Park in Scranton looks like a winter wonderland, except it isn't winter. It's almost the middle of April, and the average daily high should be pushing 60 degrees.

Leeann Jones still came out to the park -- this walker was taking the snow in stride.

"This is not really what you want in April. I was kind of hoping to walk in the nice weather. However, it's snowing, but this is northeastern Pennsylvania," Jones said.

You can take your morning walk in the snow, it doesn't mean you have to like it. Just ask John Brunza and Isaac.

"It's awful. it's supposed to be over and done with and here we are. It's snowing," Brunza said.

Lucy doesn't mind the snow and neither does the woman at the other end of the leash -- Linda Lyons.

"It's a little crazy but it's fine. It's winter. We're just getting longer winters now," said Lyons.

The snow might be falling. It might be unseasonably cold. The winter is very long and depressing to some, but there are signs of spring out there. You just need to know where to look

And on this morning, you had to look down. There it is, in the snow, new growth, new life, and a sign that winter is nearly over.