Supervisor Accused of Sexual Harassment, Threats

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MILFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A woman who works at a PennDOT office in Pike County tells investigators she endured months of sexual harassment, including threats and stalking by her boss, a department supervisor.

There was not a lot of activity at the Pike County PennDOT office near Milford to start the week.

Employees handle road maintenance and more. But one worker here is now accused of going too far in his relationship with a woman he was supposed to be supervising.

John Corrigan, 50, from Honesdale, was arrested last week on indecent assault, stalking, harassment, and terroristic threats. Corrigan is out of prison and now accused of sending emails to a woman, touching her inappropriately, and even threatening to kill her if she left this office for another location.

According to court papers, the alleged victim endured this harassment and stalking going back to October and went to state police last week. Folks who advocate for victims in Pike County say there's another place to turn -- Safe Haven in Milford.

"We've seen with the 'Me Too Movement,' how prevalent this really is, and it's so important she came forward not just for herself, but for all other people out there victims of sexual harassment, domestic violence, and other crimes," said Christina Byrne.

Byrne is executive director at Safe Haven and says sometimes harassment starts out as something else. In this case, troopers say Corrigan sent emails to the victim including her Facebook profile picture saying, "Yo, just awesome, pretty woman."

"They often start out as joking. The employee will feel a little uncomfortable and sweep it under the rug. Then, of course, it starts to escalate, then the employee feels like, 'I didn't say anything then. I can't say anything now,'" Byrne said.

PennDOT won't comment on whether Corrigan has been suspended or is receiving his $63,000 a year salary.

The state agency requires its employees to take part in training every year for sexual harassment.

Corrigan is out on bail.

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