State Officials Warn of Scammers Targeting Taxpayers

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- It's tax season, and according to officials in Harrisburg, it's time for folks to be on the lookout for scams by con artists trying to steal your money and personal information.

"Right now, many seniors are receiving phone calls with an individual on the other line, a really good con artist saying 'Hey, I'm from the IRS. I need some information from you including your credit card number and your social security number,'" said Department of Aging Secretary Teresa Osborne.

"They're ridiculous, really. But they can call you. They try to convince you that, you know, you won money or you need to send money," said Mary August of Scranton.

Both Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne and Secretary of Revenue Dan Hassell stopped by the Jewish Community Center in Scranton to tell seniors how to recognize a scam.

"It's real important to know the IRS does not reach out to individuals that way at any age or stage of life, but to don't share the information, hang up the phone and report that to the Department of Revenue or the Department of Aging or to the local police."

The director at the JCC tells Newswatch 16 that seniors are often targeted through matters of money and technology. The center offers programs to help seniors avoid becoming victims.

"We have an iPad learning program where they can learn how to use different applications safely, securely," said Dan Cardonick. "We also bring in some outside speakers and presenters to talk about a variety of issues."

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