Shoppers Impatient for Spring Weather

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Fruit trees and shrubs sit inside the greenhouse at Jerry's For All Seasons in Dunmore just waiting for warmer weather.

"Sure seems to be never-ending to me. We are just crawling out of our skin trying to wait for spring to finally arrive," Kathy Brocca said.

The owner of Jerry's says folks are anxious to get outside and work on their lawns and gardens, but the weather isn't allowing it.

"Basically, the only thing you can do right now is just get your lawn prepared. You can fertilize and you can lime, rake up any leaves, take down any branches that may seem like they're dead. That's basically it. Until the weather breaks, there's not a whole lot," Allison Longo said.

Folks at Jerry's For All Seasons in Dunmore say this late winter weather had stalled the sales of patio furniture.

"They're anxious, you know? They're out looking for stuff but they're just still a little hesitant on buying yet, but it'll be here, so you know, just hold on a little bit and we'll be fine."

Kathy Brocca is one of those shoppers.

"We came here today just to kind of get some inspiration that spring will eventually get here and what are we going to do with the patio, what flowers will we be planting, but they don't have a whole lot right now," Brocca said. "And if you planted anything, it will die with the frost when we get these cold nights.

And Brocca has a plea for Mother Nature.

"Mother Nature, please, please bring us some better weather we're just tired of it."

Jerry's says once the weather turns, business will pick up with everyone trying to get their patios and gardens ready to soak up the sun.