Ospreys Lose Home Along Lake Wallenpaupack

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- For an osprey flying high above Lake Wallenpaupack, finding a place to land has become more of a challenge after a perch for the bird was snapped by high winds last week.

“I pass this back and forth to church and back and forth to town. I have seen these birds here for years,” said Ken Parlatore.

Along Route 590 near Hawley, many trees have fallen over and branches are on the ground from the damaging winds.

Brookfield Renewable, an energy company, owns the land where the pole fell. A spokesperson tells Newswatch 16 while there is a second nest, they are working to rebuild a home for the ospreys near the overlook.

Ken Parlatore noticed something was wrong when he saw an osprey eating a fish on top of a telephone pole.

“And I am saying a big bird sitting on a lamp post, wait a minute, where is their nest? And I pull over and their nest is down,” said Parlatore.

Officials say no birds were in the nest when the pole snapped. Those that come to Lake Wallenpaupack every day are worried about the birds' safety.”

“This is their home, and for them not to have a place to nest is terrible. I noticed the one that is still fishing here is in the trees over there, so I don’t know if they made another nest or not, but I hope we don't lose them,” said Parlatore.

Brookfield Renewable tells Newswatch 16 it is working with PPL for a new pole for the ospreys.