Friends Donate Mobility Van

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. -- At 66 years old, Harvey Eisenhower of Jersey Shore is getting used to his new day-to-day routine.

"Sit and watch TV, eat supper and stuff, watch TV, then go back to bed," Eisenhower said.

About two years ago. Eisenhower fell off his front porch. A spinal injury left him paralyzed from the neck down.

"Just that little two-foot fall put you in a mess like this. I guess that's how life goes," he said.

Now, he spends most of his time sitting in bed, surrounded by some of his favorite things: a few of his best catches, and Steeler's memorabilia.

Friends since high school, Dale Smith knows Harvey would rather be outside.

"He was a big fisherman. He was out hunting and doing something," said Smith.

"It's hard to tell if I'm going to walk again, so I thought all that stuff was over," said Eisenhower.

This year, Harvey will have a new way to get around. A few months ago, some of his friends got together and raised enough money to buy him a mobility van.

With help from the community, Dale was able to hold an auction where he raised nearly $3,000 to pay for the van that's been personalized with Steelers memorabilia just for Harvey.

"I never thought I'd have a van to get out and move around then maybe take me to the Pine Creek Dam this summer or something like that."

"They even found a fishing rod on Amazon. You push the button and it casts, so he's tickled pink about that," said Barb Eisenhower, Harvey's wife.

"That's what life is about, helping other people and hopefully one day he is better and until that day, at least we can get him around and do stuff with him," said Smith.

Smith, who is a Green Bay Packers fan, says that includes taking his friend to a Steelers game sometime soon.