Family Rescued from Nearby Standoff in Hazleton

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HAZLETON, Pa. -- A family who lives directly across the street from a standoff with police in Hazleton heard the gunshots as they were getting their kids ready for school. They were rushed to a nearby fire station so they would be in a safer place.

Nate Nieves is spending his 12th birthday taking cover with his family at the Hazleton City Fire Department South Side Station after reports of a shooter right across the street.

"I heard gunshots. I heard a voice say 'die!' and then my niece was outside and my sister yelled, 'my daughter!' and I jumped and we both went and got my niece out the car," Jeleiska Rodriguez recalled.

But at first, the family didn't think the gunshots were real.

"I thought it was my nephew playing a game and when we noticed she was like, 'no it's for real!'" said Rodriguez.

They were rushed from their home to the fire station in an ambulance Monday morning even though no one was hurt just to make sure they were in a safe place.

"A little more relaxed but worried because you never know if he's dead or what can happen and he's a neighbor," Judy Rodriguez said.

Judy Rodriguez says she sees the man just about every day and she says firing off shots is completely out of character for him.

"He's usually quiet. Every time I see him he's usually quiet, saying hi and that's about it."

Even though the family says they never expected their day to start like this, they're grateful they are all together and all OK.


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