Dog Wardens Across PA Going Door-to-Door, Checking for Dog Licenses

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HARRISBURG, P.a. -- If you are a pet owner, it’s time to double check if your dog license is up to date.

With a list in hand, dog wardens across the state of Pennsylvania will be going door-to-door, cracking down for the next few weeks, according to WPMT.

“It’s about us keeping not only the dogs of Pennsylvania safe, but also the public," said Micheal Smith, executive deputy secretary for Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Michael Smith with The Department of Agriculture, is behind enforcing the states dog law that dates back to 1893.

“We go to different counties throughout Pennsylvania in what we call our canvassing effort, and that’s in effort to make sure the dogs are properly licensed and that they are meeting their rabies requirements," said Smith.

Under Pennsylvania law, dogs 3 months or older must have a valid license.

“The fine for not having a dog license is $300, which is significantly more than the cost of the dog license itself. It’s $6.50 for an annual license and $31.50 for a lifetime license," added Smith.

The money you pay for a license goes toward answering animal complaints, calls, inspections of kennels and other things that benefit the animal community. Without that money, the state would not be able to offer any of those resources.

“We’re actually able to call the county, look up the dog owner and reunite them far more quickly than with a microchip or other means," said Dr. Jennifer Fletcher, CCRT at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County.

“It’s not just a law for a law, it’s a public health concern and so I really think that the dog license enforcement is really supportive of the fact that we need to protect animals and humans from rabies as well," added Fletcher.

Dog licenses may be purchased from a county treasurer.


  • Demetro Karvetski

    WOW $6.50 must break the bank for all those entitled people who feel this is a money grab. I guess keeping pets and people safe for $6.50 is way to much. The list is generated by people who have registered young dogs 1 year and not renewed the next and was due for its rabies shot per the previous years license. That seems like a good idea to check those since it protects the dog and people from a dog without its rabies shot. Oh and amendments only apply to people not pets. And do not need a warrant to check for a licence or for an animal just probable cause …Keep posting you just show your ignorance of the laws.

  • Richie Fish

    What about the guy that has 12 cats running around, feeds them, but they are not his, he calls them by name, but they’re not his. They do their business all over. No cat license needed??? In Pittsburgh they catch them, freeze dry them, then grind them into a powder and sell it. They call it instant pussy.

  • Jim Pope

    i saw a articular of some 30 million dogs in these here counties. so where is the 195,000,000 dollars actually going????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Norman Vincent

    Where did this list in hand come from if they dogs don’t have tags?

    Just another money making operation.

  • Aiden Thorn

    This pops up every year, I’ve made complaints to the dog warden here several times about dogs in the neighborhood. Considering they were never followed up on…. tells me how many doors they will be knocking on, Who will? You can bet this will lead to reports of scammers pretending to be dog wardens checking licenses… I open my door to NO ONE.This is scare tactics in simplest form… and if they are checking licenses, they SHOULD have started in JANUARY.

  • commentswithabrain

    Another example of the friendly American Gestapo making sure we’re ‘safe’. I really hope one of these “dog wardens” shows up at my house so I can slam a door in their face..

  • straubdavid9

    Good luck catching the people who have never complied with these rules ….. everyone I talk to know of people that have had dogs for years ….. no shots no license, and many have two to five dogs. What are you going to do different? Some of these people have had Code people in their house and the code people don’t even say anything or report it!

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